Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top
Leafy Fairy Top

Leafy Fairy Top

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A stunning leafy faerie top with cute little leaf sleeves!

Like everything in my Leafy Creations range it's comfy enough for everyday wear.
Suitable for wear with fairy wings that have the U shape that would normally need a corset, but way more comfortable than a corset to wear!
Adjustable tie up on the back.

Created using:
- Organic cotton lycra that is really soft and lush,
- Eco printed because we care about our impact on Mumma earth,
- Fair Trade made because we want all people involved with our production to be happy and fairy paid for their work!

Also a portion of each sale goes to The Wilderness Society because they are doing amazing work to help
- strengthen Australia's environmental policies and to Geco who do great work
- defending the front line of our native forests.

Measurements of actual garments (not stretched, then stretched)

Extra Small
- Bust 60cm (23.5in) to 82cm (32.2in)
- Underbust 60cm (23.5in) to 74cm (29.2in)
- Hips 80cm (31.4in) to 95cm (37.3in)

- Bust 65cm (25.5in) to 78cm (30.6in) (measured at the fullest part of the chest)
- Underbust 68cm (26.6in) to 80cm (31.4in)
- Hips 88cm (34.5in) to 100cm (39.3in)

- Bust 72cm (28.3in) to 85cm (33.4in) (measured at the fullest part of the chest)
- Underbust 72cm (28.5in) to 80cm (30.5in)
- Hips 90cm (35.5in) to 102cm (40.2in)

- Bust 80cm (31.4in) to 110cm (43.3in) (measured at the fullest part of the chest)
- Underbust 78cm (30.7in) to 92cm (36.4in)
- Hips 100cm (39.4in) to 116cm (45.7in)

Extra Large
- Bust 80cm (31.4in) to 125cm (49.2in) (measured at the fullest part of the chest)
- Underbust 80cm (31.4in) to 105cm (41.3in)
- Hips 100cm (39.3in) to 120cm (47.2in)

It's okay if you are a bit smaller or slightly bigger in the bust or hips. Just know that if you are going towards the larger end of the scale it will be a looser fit (yet still "fitted"), and towards the smaller end of the scale, a slightly tighter fit :)

Please note: The first colour mentioned is the colour of the fabric. The second colour mentioned is the printed vein colour :)

Slight colour variations can occur due to colour tones on computer screens differing and sometimes dyelot colours change slightly between batches of fabrics, and print colours change as they are all matched by eye each time. I'm pretty sure leaves are meant to have natural variation though, so I believe it's all works as it should :)  I've only ever had one complaint though, but I felt that due to that, this was worth a mention.

Also, all Leafy Creations printed items need to "crack" to wear in. Don't be worried when trying things on if you hear cracking noises of the prints, it's a natural part of the process of getting your leafies worn in and more comfortable!  

Metallic Prints:  Please make sure you very gently handwash all items with metallic prints and line dry in the shade!