Fern Earrings - White wood

Fern Earrings - White wood

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Be at one with the rainforest with these adorable little fern earrings!

Each earring is hand carved to be 3D so they look fantastic from every angle!

- Sterling Silver hooks.
- Reclaimed wood - scraps from furniture making
- Natural fiber gift bag included

I'm pretty sure this wood is from the Belaulu Treen, also called Albesia or Albizia Falcata. It's apparently the fastest growing tree in the world, although I couldn't find any source to back that up! If you know anything about this wood and can inform me further I'd greatly appreciate it, as I'd love to be able to confidently state what wood they are made from! haha

Length of earring including hook: 4.5cm
Length of leaf: 3.5cm