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Fern Leaf Pendant

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Double sided Fern Pendant with cord
- easy to adjust the length
- easy on and off
- just pick your leaf and cord colour!


Connect to nature and join other leafy creatures around the world in wearing Leafy Creations to help express their deep love and passion for our natural world!

3 dimensional fern frond, carved by a master carver so it looks great front and back.

This pendant comes with 1mm premium waxed polyester cord in black or white, plated for extra strength and joined with a macrame slip knot to make it fully adjustable in length from a tight choker to full length (hanging over the heart).

Fern frond colours available:
~ Black wood (has beautiful streaks of brown in it)
~ Rosewood (mahogany coloured)
~ Albesia (white wood)
Blackwood is reclaimed from left over scraps from a furniture makers.
Rosewood and Albesia are sustainably acquired and fair traded.

🌿 The fern contains the deep wisdom of Mother Earth within its graceful fronds, both literally as a medicinal plant, and figuratively as a multi-cultural and ancient symbol

* A portion of all Leafy Creations sales goes to The Wilderness Society and other environmental groups doing great things to conserve endangered species and save the worlds natural environments for future generations!

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Materials: Wood.