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On Clearance! 3/4 stripy leggings

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Reduced to clear because my printers stuffed them up!

3/4 length stripy leggings! Just what I always wanted before I moved to Queensland! Now it’s too hot to wear them here πŸ™ƒ

My printers stuffed them up though and printed on the insides too! This makes them a little harder to wear in, but once you get there after about 4 washes and wears, then you hit the zone of comfort times πŸ’• you will love them!!!

Making them cheap cause of the stupid printing on the inside and time required to wear them in.

I would have priced them at $65 if they had gone to plan! Oh Bali tailors and printers, you are so great most of the time!

Three colours to choose from:
- Black with Green prints
- Light Olive with Dark Green prints
- Purple with Teal prints