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Long women's skirt - fairy skirt in beautiful soft cotton lycra fabric.

This stunning long leaf skirt is an eye-catching piece with such awesomely huge leaves!

Great to wear just with a little pixie top in warm weather or to layer up with boots and leggings in the cold - an all round great skirt that you will love.

Created using:
- Organic cotton lycra that is really soft and lush,
- Eco printed because we care about our impact on Mumma earth,
- Fair Trade made because we want all people involved with our production to be happy and fairy paid for their work!

Also a portion of each sale goes to The Wilderness Society because they are doing amazing work to help
- strengthen Australia's environmental policies and to Geco who do great work
- defending the front line of our native forests.

Please note: The first colour mentioned is the colour of the fabric. The second colour mentioned is the printed vein colour :)


Waistband measurements:
XXL: 108 - 160 cms (42.5 to 63 in)
XL: 90 - 110 cms (35.5 - 43.5 in)
Large: 80 - 95 cms (31.5 - 37.5 in)
Medium: 75 - 90 cms (29.5 - 35.5 in)
Small: 70 - 85 cms (27.5 - 33.5 in)
XS: 65 - 80 cms (25.5 - 31.5 in)

Measurements are of the garments actual waistband from just slightly stretched (first measurement) to fully stretched (second measurement).


Other Leafy Creations items are made to match these skirts! The Boleros in particular pair up really well with this long skirt :)

Slight colour variations can occur due to colour tones on computer screens differing and sometimes dyelot colours change slightly between batches.

Materials: Cotton Lycra.