Website Design

Meta Media - Our wonderful web designers!! We highly reccomend them.


Stockists of Leafy Creations:

The Pixie Collective
633 High St, Thornbury, VIC

Mandurah Crystals Soul Sanctuary
3 Mandurah Tce, Mandurah, WA

Fairy Floss
6/52 Jonson St, Byron Bay, NSW

Hraani Spirit
2/33 QUONDOLA ST, Pambula, NSW

Earth Spirit
2/205 Anson St, Orange, NSW


Visual Artists

Sylph Aeon - Transcendental Art Portal  

Izwoz - Our awesome graphic designers

Android - digital organic artworks

Roundhill Press - sacred geometry, crop circle posters and books


Music Stuff

Mathematician Records - Experimental Music of the Future & Handmade Crafts

M.Leaf-Tierney -artist - musican - video maker - friend

Mushroom Magazine - international trance magazine

PsyBeat - Psychedelic Music Community - featuring psytrance festivals, party info and photos, forums, chat rooms, profiles and much more.

Psy-Harmonics - Australia's pioneering independant electronic music label

IsraTrance - trance and electronic music directory


Fabric and Craft Supplies

Inner Green - eco cushion stuffing and quilt wadding

Bamboo Fabric Store - bamboo and organic cotton blends, mmmm yum!



Chrononaut Mercantile - longlasting and timeless handcrafted pieces

Fairy Steps - handmade fairy/pixie styled shoes, made in the UK

Imago Creations - unique clothing for unique people

Pixie Pixie Clothing - lots of pixie gear here

Quirky Stylin - a Quirky clothing shop based in South Australia.

Tutu-Topia - speacialists in creations custom tutus, skirts and bustles



Amazing Jewellery

Body Art Forms - amazing selection of earplugs, spirals and more...

Full Spiral Designs - jewelry for (r)evolution


Entheogen Info

Entheogensis Australis - an annual conference on entheogens 

Erowid - documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives

The Sharman - believing in the right to alter conciousness using plant materials


Fairy Portholes, Wings and other things....

Nature Deva - Organic botanical and aromatherapy skin care

Beneath the Leaf - unique and whimsical fairy houses and gifts

Clover Connect  - a Melbourne based community site.

Cob-web studios - UK based jewelry crafters and digital designers

Different Nature - nature's spirits revealed

Enchanted Gifts - Australian based online gift shop ~ Enchant your world

Fae Nation - your virtual porthole to Faerie

Fairy Love - fairy accessories

Hawk's Nest Woodworks - beautifully handcrafted wood items

Hoopalooza Hooping - Hooping directory

Silly Little Pixie - for all things pixie and faerie

The Pixie Pit - links for faeries, pixies and elves to explore