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A couple of new items are available at The Pixie Collective at it's new location in Thornbury!


From out of the trees, and down from the hills at the edge of Melbourne, Australia comes... Leafy Creations!

We recently went to Indonesia to connect with some tailors who are now helping us with our creations, so now there are some new co-creations availble on the website along side our custom made for you items! We are still doing custom work and all items clearly state in the descriptions whether they are designed and made in Australia by us, or, designed by us and made in Indonesia.

Our little business is growing and it's time to share the work load and help someone elses business grow too. We thought long and hard before deciding upon this so we hope you will enjoy the co-creations that emerge from this journey.


Leafy Creations is inspired by the twisty forms of the gum leaf and deep forest experiences, Leafy Creations design and sell unique tribal, hippie and pixie clothing, plus other bits and pieces.

Our magical, nature-inspired creations include men's hoodies, women's hoodies, tops and skirts, cushions and blankets, all designed with a creative blend of leaf and pixi-like designs!

Custom creations are lovingly hand crafted in our studio. Once you place your order we lovingly make your leafy things just for you!

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Our mission is to create passionate, richly imagined, fun-proof hippie, tribal and pixie style stuff that reconnects you with nature, and nurture your inner mischievous creature connection.

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